International Marketplace Coalition

Lafayette Square Area Coalition is now known as IM Coalition (IM stands for International Marketplace). It is a non profit organisation and it consists of businessmen, citizens who care and other types of leaders in the field of economics. These people have come together to form an organisation to help steer economic growth and prosperity in the north west region of Indianopolis, Indiana.

Think of it like a diverse community, an interesting organisation that even the world is starting to take note of.  The leading newspapers of the world are covering this event worldwide as the place to eat. Only with the help of Businesses and concerned citizens, we had a chance to become the international marketplace that would be recognised by the whole world. It will make LSAC a happening destination within Indianapolis.

It is in the year of 2011 that Lafayette Square Area Coalition started to become an International Marketplace. There are about a hundred and fifty ethnic restaurants, forty grocery stores and fifteen bakery shops in this marketplace. Here people speak as much as seventy languages ranging from English to Hindi. If you are interested then come visit the marketplace and taste the different cultural food items. With over 150 restaurants to offer you different types of cuisine, I am sure you will be overwhelmed.

The idea is to promote a diverse neighbourhood. People here wish to promote different cultures through different types of food, language, art and music. Many people from across the world live in this city and for them this place is a great thing to happen. When the Mayor says that he wishes to see so many more languages to be spoken in the streets of the city, it tells you what the future holds for Indianapolis. This event to mark the beginning of International marketplace was attended by many citizens and the citizens happily interacted with many people, even the restaurant owners.

The citizens believe that this marketplace could help change the face of the city. It could help the city make a better name for itself which till 2010 was known as one of the cities with high crime rates. Now they say crime rate has starting to go down. With such a diverse culture and citizens from across the world, it is really going to change the city in a good way. A restaurant owner was saying that he gets to see so many people from many different parts of the world and he is grateful to this idea.